Spy Island Review

Spy Island - Sophie Schiller

Spy Island by Sophie Schiller, is a historical fiction novel set in 1916 on the Caribbean Island of St.Thomas. Abigail Maduro, who is the main character, is sent by her parent's lawyer, after their deaths, to live with her Aunt Esther in the Dutch West Indies. This of course was after the lawyer, shyster that he was, sells everything to pay for Abigail's parents supposed debts. Aunt Esther is not a very likable character by any means. She does have her own sad story though so that might account for her crotchety ways. Once Abigail is on St.Thomas she spends her days exploring the island and soon comes in contact with Erich Seibold, a German Uboat officer and deserter. She secretly houses and feeds Erich while getting to know him becomes embroiled in a plot to spy on the Germans that are also on the island. I enjoyed the story, learned more about the Caribbean culture during WWI. There is just enough suspense and history to keep the reader enjoying the story. A well researched novel, that I am sure the historical fiction fan will enjoy.

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