Another great book!

Our House - Louise Candlish

Can you imagine coming home and finding strangers moving into your home? That is what happens to Fiona Lawson one day. She knows she has not sold the house, she along with her husband do the co parenting thing, meaning that even though they are separated, they maintain the house for their kids and they switch off living in the house while keeping a separate flat for them to live in when they are not at the house. This arrangement works for a while until Fiona comes home on that fateful day. Not only does she come home to strangers moving in to her home, her estranged husband, Bram and her children seem to be missing. 

The story is told in a unique point of view, in each Fiona's and Bram's voice via a website called The Victim, an acclaimed crime podcast where each episode tells the true story of a crime that happens to the victim. Each episode continues the story of what happened to get the couple to where they are. Because of something Bram did, Fiona's life is escalating into a devasting secret that could cost her more than just her home.

I love a good psychological thriller and this is one of the best I have read in awhile! A story that kept me wanting more even after the last page! I highly recommend it!