Dead If You Don't by Peter James Review

Dead If You Don't (Roy Grace) - Peter James

Dead if You Don't is the 14th in the Roy Grace series. I have read a few of the books in the series, I actually have all of them and need to get on reading the ones that I have missed. That said, I really had no problem reading this one even though I did not read them in order.


When Kipp Brown and his son Mungo arrive at a football match Mungo disappears, Kipp thinks that he is just soothing his ego after they had had an argument about a cell phone. Mungo had broken his cell phone and Kipp got upset and bought him a cheapie of which Mungo took offense to.


When he receives the message that someone has his son and they are demanding a ransom. At the same time, someone has planted a bomb in the stadium. Roy Grace is brought in and does his heroic thing in getting rid of the bomb. I turned out to be a dud. But Roy still investigates the two cases which take him deeper into the workings of the Albanian mob located in Brighton. 


Kipp has a gambling problem and keeps on gambling even though he has no money to gamble with. This causes some problems as how is going to pay the ransom for the kidnapping of his son and does something illegal to get the money. The kidnapping itself is sketchy and as the story gets deeper we find that this is a complex story of murder and kidnapping, two as a matter of fact,  that I was not expecting. But of course that is how Peter James writes, always leave the reader wanting and expecting more. It took me a while to get into the story but that was because Mr.James was setting up the plot and characterization. Once I was into the story I did not want to put the book down.


I have been a fan of the Roy Grace series from the start and will continue to do so! I actually ordered one of his older books, The House on Cold Hill, not a Roy Grace novel but one I am sure to love.


I received this book for review purposes.