Beneath the Lighthouse

"Sixteen-year-old Jamie McGuiness's sister is dead." That grabbed me right away. Plus the cover has a ghost and a lighthouse. That really had me. Jamie is 16 and his sister died in a terrible way, presumably an accident. His mother hides in her grief. His father has resorted to alcohol to hide his grief. His father also beats him and his wife. Jamie tends to stay away most of the time and spends time with his friend.

Jamie starts to get a visitation from a ghost, she is trying to tell him something but Jamie can't quite figure out what she wants. He becomes caught in the spirit's world between the living and the dead. 

I was caught up in the story right away, I know this is a YA story but I didn't feel that was an issue. The characters were well written, the storyline believable, well you have to believe in ghosts of Jamie has to come to terms with things he would rather leave alone. This is a coming of age story of love, despair, revenge, and retribution. I really felt for Jamie and cheered him on in his pursuit doing what he felt was right.
Great story!! Scary too!