Great Series!

Keep The Midnight Out - Alex Gray

Keep the Midnight Out is the 12th novel in the DCI Lorimer Series. This is the first that I have read in this series, but it did not deter me from reading further. The story actually is told in two parts, the first with the death of a young man, a gruesome cold case, whose was never identified or the murder solved. The second is about the murder of another young man and the similarities are too hard to ignore for DCI Lorimer, as he was the detective on the first.

Though I really enjoyed the murder mystery immensely, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Glasgow and the characterization. The author's writing really sent me to the Isle of Mull, the sounds, the descriptions of the people and the talent of all of the people who solved the case. When I thought I had it figured out as to who the murderer was, new clues were thrown in and turned my thoughts all around.

I love to read mystery/thrillers and police procedurals and this one did not disappoint me at all, I really need to back and start the series from the beginning, but this can be read as a stand-alone! If you love a great story than Alex Gray's novels are sure to please!