Lizzie Borden Took An Ax....

The Murderer's Maid: A Lizzie Borden Novel - Erika Mailman

I have always been fascinated with Lizzie Borden. I share a birthday with her so there is that.. The Murderer's Maid is the story of Lizzie Borden but indirectly as it is written from the perspective of Bridget, the Borden's maid of a few years. I am not sure how I feel about the crime, did she or didn't she, kind of leaning to the fact that she probably did. The Borden household appeared to have been a tense cold place to live in, run by a man who had money but they lived miserly. That would be enough to affect a person mentally in my mind

The parallel story kind of surprised me as I had never really thought about the possibility that there could be descendants of Lizzie. Brooke is a woman who is the daughter of an immigrant maid who has to move around to keep her identity and whereabouts. When she was a girl, her mother had an affair with her boss, the man's wife ends up dead in suspicious circumstances and her mother is to blame, not guilty but to blame, according to the family. Brooke moves around her entire adult life because she thinks that the sons of the woman who died is after her. 

Brooke has always been interested in true crime and she starts reading about Lizzie Borden and with her reading, she comes to the realization that she may very well be related to Lizzie. Brooke is a bit messed up, what with her having to be on the run all the time. I found this part of the story quite fascinating. How was Brooke related? 

The Murder's Maid was a pleasure to read and gave me more of an insight into the crime. Erika Mailman did extensive work in writing this novel and it showed. I love it when an author puts in Author's Notes in the book, gives the reader a peek into the ways the book has been written. That is why I love historical fiction, it is fiction based on facts and that is fascinating to me. Erika is the author of other historical fiction, of which I need to find and read. I enjoyed her writing in The Murder's Maid and highly recommend this book!!