Stolen Marriage

The Stolen Marriage - Diane Chamberlain

It's 1944 and Tess DeMello is all alone and pregnant in a town she knows nothing about and in a life she doesn't want to be living. She's left behind the comfort and safety of her beloved Baltimore for the small town judgment of Hickory, North Carolina in order to build the best life she can imagine for the illegitimate child she is carrying. Without the man she's loved almost all her life and the career she's always dreamed of, everything she thought she would have has now slipped through her grasp.

In this new release from best-seller Diane Chamberlain, The Stolen Marriage, the heartbreak and pain of World World II is beautifully captured. The character development is deeply detailed and the prose is so engaging, it will take the reader back in time.

This novel is a definite page turner. Chamberlain fans will surely not be disappointed with her truly engaging way of bringing emotion and intensity to the story. It is easy to fall in love and sympathize with Tess, but over time, the reader will feel the pain of the villian and build a connection with him as well. There is a dynamic story line, in true Chamberlain fashion, but this novel touches on the most basic human emotions on a way that is fresh and new to her repertoire.


Guest Reviewer Kate M. Kelly