Bring Her Home

Bring Her Home - David Bell

Bill Price's life has been in turmoil ever since his wife died. His 15-year-old daughter Summer is also suffering the loss of her mother. One day Summer and her best friend Haley disappear. Not too long after they disappear, the girls are found, one of them Haley is dead and Summer is badly beaten. 

As would any parent be , Bill is livid, how can someone do such a horrific thing. He sits vigil by his daughter's bedside, along with his sister. There are so many questions, how did the girls happen to be taken, who did it and why? As days go by though, things don't seem to be as simple as they look. Many questions are asked by the police that that Bill has no answers for.

As time goes by, things get even more difficult. Through memories of Bill's, we learn more about his wife and her death and some problems he has had with Summer. Things are not as they seem and Bill is determined to find out what happened to the girls. Some of the answers he is not prepared for and not what he had thought.

This book is a great psychological thriller and will keep the reader turning the pages. There were times I was a bit frustrated with Bill, but as a parent, I could not understand what he was going through, having never been in that situation, but I did have empathy and as the book progressed, a lot of things were a bit easier to understand. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!