Bone White

Bone White - Wendy Corsi Staub

"In Mundy’s Landing, bygone bloodshed has become a big business. During the rigorous winter of 1666, all but five colonists in the small Hudson Valley settlement died of starvation. Accused of unimaginable crimes, James and Elizabeth Mundy and their three children survived, but the couple were later accused of murder and executed."


Bone White is the third book in the Mundy's Landing Series and features many of the same characters including NYPD Detective Sullivan Leary, who solved the Sleeping Beauty Murders. All she wants is to be able to settle into this quaint community and leave behind the big city. Quiet is not what she gets when the elderly lady, Ora Abrams, that runs the town's museum decides that a skull in the museum will have answers as to who the skull belongs to, it is believed that it is the skull of a Mundy from 1666.


Emerson Mundy shows up from California to learn more about her descendants, her father killed himself and a note found by his body has Emerson wanting to find out more. Not long after she arrives in Mundy's Landing, a man is found hanging from a tree outside an inn, also with a note similiar to the one from Emerson's father. 


Out of all of the characters, I liked Ora as she is the one with all the knowledge and stories about the original founders of Mundy's Landing. The story actually has two different stories at the same time. The one from 1666 survivors from the Mundy family and the current one in 2017. 


I have been reading Wendy Corsi Staub's works for many years and it is always a treat. A taut murder mystery with enough twists to keep the reader interested. The writing is well done and enjoyable.