Saving Abbey

Saving Abby - Steena Holmes

If you could have one wish, what would it be? Some of us would wish for health, happiness, for wealth, or any number of things.  For Claire Turner, children's book illustrator, it was to have a child.  She longed to be a mother.  More than anything in the world, she wished to have a child.

After years of trying, she and her husband, Josh, finally accept the fact that this wish - one they share - will never come true.  Heartbroken, lost and in grief, the couple decides to travel to Europe in hopes of coping with the loss of the one thing they'll never have.  
Steena Holmes tells the story of this perfect couple as they travel across the ocean to mourn and to heal.  Along their travels, they make friends, they work on their stories (books about an adventurous kid named Jack that they co-author) and they find peace and joy in each other.  
But then, with a twist of fate and an unexpected surprise, Claire returns home to find out she's pregnant.  Elated and shocked, the couple enjoys the first few months of the pregnancy with a joy that only Holmes can describe.  Until life unexpectedly steers them in another direction - Claire is sick.  She has a brain tumor.  And she has to decide whether she wants to seek treatment or have the baby, because it's one or the other. She cannot have both.
Holmes writes with such compassion and love that this book is definitely readable in one sitting.  The descriptions of places makes you feel like you're there - you can smell the sweetness of the Belgian waffles and feel the Italian breeze brushing your skin.  And she makes you fall in love with the characters and feel every emotion they feel.