I See You!

I See You - Clare Mackintosh

I thoroughly enjoyed I Let You Go, the author's previous book, so I knew I would love this one too. A plot that is scary and plausible in this day and age of computer technology and even the fact that the Dark Net is out there. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough, even the means to stalk someone and know every move that someone takes, from being at home to the route you take to work.


I felt that this story was character driven, as we got a glimpse into all of the people in the novel. From the protagonist to the bad guy. The plot, how creepy that you look in the paper and see yourself there and you know that you did not put it there. To me that was the scariest part. The story is not just about stalking but there are women being murdered too. How do you get the people around you to believe you when you tell them that you feel that you are being followed. Your family thinks you are overacting and the police don't believe you.


I liked this novel, it kept me wondering who was the bad guy, just when I figured it out, I was wrong. To me a book that keeps you guessing is a good one. At times the story lagged but not enough for it to be distracting. I really liked it and recommend it if you like a good thriller, especially an ending you don't expect!