Meal Prep

Meal Prep: Quick and Easy Meal Prep Recipes for Batch Cooking & Meal Planning (Meal Prep Recipe Book for Weight Loss 1) - Rosie Daniels

Watching what I eat has become more important the older I have gotten. I have been diabetic for quite a few years now and I had some heart issues last year, so it is vitally important for me to cook and eat healthy meals for hubby and I. The problem for cooking for two at times can be challenging, so at times cooking in batches and having ready made home made meals is important also.
Meal Prep starts out with why you should do meal prep, the benefits of, which is saving money and time, less waste of food, healthy eating, weight loss etc. There are ideas on storage, tips, and a recipe list. There are smoothie recipes, breakfast recipes, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes.
I like the detailed chapters describing various aspects to meal prep. There is a nice selection of recipes from oatmeal for breakfast, chicken for dinner and various snacks. There is a lot of information packed into this small book! I think this book will be beneficial to me and an aid for me in preparing healthy meals.