Cardiac: A Jack Getty Thriller - Jeffrey Monaghan
Cardiac starts out with CEO Jack Getty getting ready to take the stage to give a presentation of a new drug that could help with age longevity. He is offered a drink and shortly thereafter he experiences agonizing pain in his chest and the next thing he wakes up in a hospital room after having a pacemaker put in.
Now that in and of itself is not such a big thing, pacemakers are put in routinely. As Jack finds out, on the day he goes home from the hospital, he experiences chest pain again, it does not last long so he thinks it is just something that is a one off. He recuperates and prepares to go back to work. Weeks later he does go back to work and experiences another attack. He is concerned so he goes back to his doctor because of his concern that there is something wrong. He gets a clean bill of health, again. At home while on the computer, he gets a pop up window that he finds to be concerning. After a few conversations with this person, he finds that whoever they are have control over him via his pacemaker. The pacemaker has wifi capability and can be hacked and it has been. The person wants some information regarding a former employee and if Jack does not comply with their wishes....he dies. What follows is a wild exciting ride that puts Jack and his entire family at risk of their lives.
I really enjoyed the fast pace of this book, well written and entirely plausible, especially in this computer age that anything is possible and hacking of devices is a concern. Great read!
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