Legacy of Luck

Legacy of Luck (Druid's Brooch Series, #3) - Christy Nicholas
This is the third book in the Druid Brooch Series but a stand alone novel. Ireland, travelers, castles, mystical things and great characters make for an enjoyable read. Eamon is a horse trader and along with his father and siblings are at a fair to trade. Kate and her sister Deirdre are also at the fair, their parents are nasty people and the father arranges for Kate to be married. The traveler's women always have the option to say no to prospective mates but Kate's father doesn't give her the opportunity, so off she goes with her husband. She tells her husband that she will not consummate the marriage until she meets with her father in law and thus starts the tumultuous journey of Kate and Eamon trying to find her and rescue her!

I enjoyed this story, especially the mystical part with the Druid's brooch which Eamon inherited from his father. The characters were well written and the storyline believable, I kind of wish there had been more detail about the brooch and the powers that the brooch had and the history of said brooch. That said, I learned a bit more about the Travelers, not to be confused with Gypsies. Even though they rarely set down roots, their lifestyle is interesting. This is a story that will sweep you away into a time of bygone Ireland. An enjoyable read for sure!