Nest - Terry Goodkind
This is the first book I have read by Terry Goodkind, I really don't care for fantasy type stories, but when I was offered this one and read the blurb I thought, this is just my kind of story, scary, speculative type story. 
"For the past three weeks, John Allen Bishop had been keeping the devil chained in the basement" John Bishop is a young man with developmental issues, who can "see the evil" in people's eyes. A series of events end up taking this young man's life.
Kate Bishop is John's sister who is just a normal woman, living a normal life and becomes involved in the investigation into her brother's murder. She finds that she has the ability to identify killers just by looking into their eyes. Now that is pretty scary in and of itself, but there are other people out there with the same ability and they can tell when a person has the ability like Kate does. That puts Kate in great danger. She meets Jack Raines, an author, who actually works for Mossad, the intelligence agency for Israel. What Jack does is find people with Kate's abilities and try to protect them from predators out to kill them.
These predators go to the Dark Net, a part of the internet used for computer hacking, pornography, and other nefarious acts. Jack and Kate must find these people and kill them before they kill her. This proves to be a terrifying task and they both may end up dead.
I have to say that this book was a real page-turner. Just the very idea that you could have the ability to see evil in a person's eyes and see how they are going to commit a horrible crime would be overwhelming. The author has indeed a vivid imagination and an enormous ability with the written word. If you love a good thriller, this one is for you.