A Life for a Life

A Life for a Life: A Mystery Novel - Lynda McDaniel

Reporter, Della Kincaid, has decided to move from Washington, D.C to Laurel Falls, N.C for a simpler life. While walking in the woods she is surprised when a man runs past her saying that "there was a body". Della and her dog do come across a body of a young woman, a supposed suicide. Della does not believe this, in spite of the suicide note. Della enlists the help of numerous people in the community and Washington as it becomes apparent that the sheriff won't do anything to investigate the death. He claims it is suicide and that is that. Della moved to Laurel Falls and bought a store and at first the people in the community are a bit reluctant. Most small communities are suspicious of "outsiders". The previous owner of the store, has a son, Abit. Abit is considered "not quite right". He appears to have some learning disabilities. He helps Della around the store and he becomes involved with helping Della find out who "murdered" the young woman. The story is told in alternating chapters by Della and Abit. We learn about each of these characters that are so pivotal to the story. Della has an ex husband, who I believe she still has feelings for but he was unfaithful to her and she has a hard time believing him when he says he has changed. Abit's father is one of those down south old fashioned curmudgeon. He has very rough exterior but I believe deep down he really cares about his son. I really enjoyed this story, a fast read with believable characters plus a suspenseful murder mystery makes this a book well worth the read. I liked how both Della and Abit's characters got stronger as the story moved on. Nicely done!