Superb Thriller!

The Judas Game: A Shepherd Thriller - Ethan Cross
An Ethan Cross novel never disappoints, at least for me. I think the first book I read was The Prophet, book two of the Shepherd Series, that had me hooked. The Judas Game takes place primarily in a new concept type of prison. It starts when a correctional officer opens fire on some inmates and then the watchtower is on fire.
Special Agent Marcus Williams and his brother, serial killer, Frances Ackerman join again to try to solve this crime.  Ackerman is on the inside, mingling amongst the inmates and Marcus is on the outside along with Special Agent Maggie Carlisle who race against the clock to stop the man named Judas along with another man, Demon and free the hostages that they have taken.
In each chapter we learn a bit more about each character, good and bad, and the Shepherd Organization. This is the fourth in the Shepherd Novel series and a great crime thriller. Ethan's writing keeps the reader glued to the page and wanting more. All of the characters are flawed in one way or other which makes this a very readable story. Plus the bad dudes are really creepy and scary, that also had me turning the pages. I enjoy each book by Ethan Cross and look forward to the next in the series.