Secrets, everyone has them, no matter who you are and sometimes secrets should be kept just that, secrets. The Fantastic Book of Everyones Secrets is one of those books that, even though they can be categorized as thrillers, sometimes I just had to to laugh out loud. My favorite I think of all the stories is the one. Twelve Noon, where a woman who has finally decided to drive after a long time, gets confused over a street sign and what it meant. Another favorite is The Nursery Bear, about young children that go to the same daycare and their parents who are also neighbors. Each story definitely has the reader thinking, especially at the end I often just stopped to think about what I had just read and if what I read made sense. I think that these stories as a whole definitely pick up on what peoples deepest darkest thoughts and secrets are. That if these secrets are let loose, makes for a horrifying experience. I have always loved Sophie Hannah's books, I do prefer novels to short stories, but I did enjoy this collection.