Woman who Cries

Matowak: Woman Who Cries - Joylene Nowell Butler

The story starts out with the murder of Minister of National Defense, Leland Warner. His wife become a suspect but the Corporal Danny Killian, an aboriginal police officer, is tasked with figuring out how she was able to not leave any clues. All fingers point to her, especially as the reader learns about her marriage and life as a mother of two son's. These son's were involved in a murder, suicide prior to the start of this story. What kind of a family were the Warner's, what kind of secrets were there to this obviously dysfunctional family? The reader slowly makes the way through the quagmire that this murder has left behind. I really did not care for Sally Warner at the beginning of the book, I felt that she was definitely a weak woman, but as the story went on, I changed my mind about her because she actually surprised me. Not that she was a suspect in her husbands murder but that her character seemed to get stronger as the story moved along. Even though this is the sequel to Broken but not Dead, which tells the story of the murder, suicide of the Warner son's, this book was very readable. The reader also learns about Corporal Killian's past, which includes the murder of his wife. So the two storylines are intertwined to tell a very interesting cultural tale of suspense. A definite pageturner. I really enjoyed it. This review is voluntary