Overcast Sunset

Overcast Sunset: A Brynn Bancroft Mystery - Joyce T. Strand
This is the first Brynn Bancroft Mystery I have read but not the first book by Joyce Strand. This story is about a woman who messed up her marriage because of her infidelities, but is still in love with her Liam, her ex. They are co owners of a winery, along with their vintner,  that is fairly successful. When Liam tells them that he is thinking of selling, Brynn is concerned for various reasons. She likes having Liam around and hopes to someday win him back. Wayne the vintner, loves what he does creating exceptional wines that if the business was sold, he would not stay.
Brynn and Liam have taken under their wing, a teenager, Josh, who's father is in jail and facing prison time for murder he says he did not commit. Josh is also an amateur detective working with the local police department in trying to solve the thefts of solar panels from different wineries in the area. Along with that, wine is being stolen by the cases also from wineries in the area. The FBI is also working on trying to figure out this case and bring the thieves to justice.
Brynn's friend Madison along with her significant other, Blake, become houseguests of Brynn's. Brynn had not seen Madison in 15 years. Madison has plans of opening a wine store in the area and is looking for investors. There is an accident and Blake is badly burned and is Brynn's houseguest so he can recover.
Enter a lot of shady characters that has Liam and Brynn trying to figure out the rash of thefts and who is a good guy and who is a bad guy, and there are a lot of them. This story takes the reader into the world of wine. There is danger out there for Brynn and she finds that she does not know who to trust.
This story is very believable as are the characters, all flawed in their own way, but Brynn has hopes that her life will get back on track with Liam and that Josh will be able to fight his demons over his father. I loved the story and look forward to the next book, a Emily Lazzzaro mystery, Emily is one of the characters in Overcast Sunset.
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