Strong Cold Dead

Strong Cold Dead: A Caitlin Strong Novel (Caitlin Strong Novels) - Jon Land
Caitlin Strong is one of those women that I love to read stories about, strong, smart and vulnerable. Caitlin is a Texas Ranger, as was her father, grandfather and great grandfather before her. In Strong Cold Dead, Caitlin must help in figuring out who the bad guys are and stopping them before the world as we know it is destroyed. 
Land on the Comanche reservation is undergoing drilling, not oil as you would expect but something else. We learn about Caitlin's great, great, great grandfather who stopped the evil that has resurfaced in the present. Jack Strong helped defeat John Rockefeller in his quest to rape the land deeded to the Comanche's. 
Not only is there the issue of stopping the desecration being done by billianaire Cray Rawls to make him even richer, we have the threat of ISIS that is determined to destroy America. What is the substance that is so precious that Cray covets and that the Native American's want to preserve? Even though it is fictitious, it could very well happen. 
I have read Mr.Lands works before and I am never disappointed. In creating a story that is believable and scary, with characters that are flawed individuals but good people, you can not go wrong when you pick up a book by this author. Lots of characters to love and hate, a storyline within a storyline that gives a bit of history with the Texas Rangers. Even though this story is fictitious, it could very well happen. I really enjoyed reading yet another of Jon Land's works.