Medieval Romance

Avelynn: The Edge of Faith (Volume 2) - Marissa Campbell
This second book in the series takes Avelynn and Alrik flees England running for their lives. Avelynn is being sought and charged for being a witch, treason, and murder. They go to Wales for refuge. Alrik feels obligated to help his friends in their war against Rhodri the Great. Both Avelyn and Alrik have something to prove, Avelyn hopes to be able to return to England and defend herself against the charges and Alrik wants to regain his honor and hopefully appease the gods. 
This story is one that takes the reader back to a dangerous time, where at any moment a woman could and would be charged with witchcraft, whether she is or not. A time that is fraught with danger but this story is also about redemption, love, and honor. Even though Avelynn and Alrik are separated by jealousy from another woman and by greed, will their love be enough to bring them back together? To find out you have to read this wonderful series! Bringing a medieval era, superstitions, and warring factions together in one story!