Christmas in Paris Anita Hughes

Christmas in Paris: A Novel - Anita M. Hughes

First off I want to thank the Associate Publicist at St.Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this book for review. 

This story of a young woman looking for love after two failed relationships is a charming and at times funny tale. At first I was a little put off by the premise of a woman going to Paris and looking for her soulmate with specific and seemingly unrealistic requirements of the type of man she is seeking. They do say that love at first sight is true and I think that this is what Isabel is hoping for. I say unrealistically because this may happen with people with titles and money, this type of situation hardly happens for the middle-class person. 

In spite of that, I did enjoy reading the story and was cheering for Isabel and Alec to get together and make this relationship work. After a few bumps that is. I enjoyed the description of Paris at Christmas time and it was a nice look into how the rich live, i.e. food, clothing and even the culture. Definitely a fairy tale romance!