The Vanishing Year

The Vanishing Year: A Novel - Kate Moretti

Zoe Whittaker has a life that most would envy, but it has not always been this way. Five years previous, she testified against some drug dealers and refused witness protection, and ended up on the run. She changed her name and identity. She becomes a new person and thought that the past was just that, the past.

The book starts out with Zoe in the present and with flashbacks we learn about her past and how she met and fell in love with her husband Henry. Her life is ideal and she continues on with being the loving wife but then things start to change. Zoe is also trying to find her biological mother and that takes her on a journey all it's own. As she learns more, things don't add up in her own life. That is when things get dangerous.

This book is a psychological thriller of which I love because you never know how it is going to end up and the ending often surprises you. I loved it and I do look forward to reading more by this new author!