Good Taste

I love cookbooks. As a matter of fact a few years ago, I had to donate most of my collection of cookbooks because I was running out of room to put them. I tend to collect books, I didn't want to part with them but I knew it was time to share. That said, I still accept cookbooks for review and on occasion even buy one that I really like or want. The Good Taste by Jane Green is amazing. As with anything, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. This is how Jane has categorized her sections. The Beginning is about starters and soups, the Middle is about main courses and the Endings of course is desserts. The recipes are easy to follow, beautiful pictures give you an idea what the dish looks like and most recipes have a little bit about Jane and how she was inspired for a particular recipe. Not only are we shown the recipes but we see a part of Jane's life, home and family which makes this book personal to me. I went through the recipes and they look and sound so appealing that I know I will be trying a few here and there. Not only is this a great book, but I loved learning that Jane Green is not only a great novelist but her love of cooking shows through in this new cookbook.