Underground, Roma!

Roma, Underground - Gabriel Valjan

I have never been to Rome but I think it would be an awesome city to visit. So much history going all the way back to the 1st century. But there is another city. How much treasures underground is too great to imagine. The underground Rome is a big part of this story and it's treasures. Alabaster/Bianca Black, who is hiding out from a US organization called Rendition, she meets Dante, who is an investigator. They find that there are many artifacts and treasures being stolen and they set out to set a trap to catch the thieves. We learn the back story of both Bianca and Dante both along with other characters important to the story. Reading a book that takes place in Rome to me is fascinating and this book brought the flavor of Rome alive. From the descriptions of the food, the language and the history was written in such a way that it almost felt like I was along on the adventure. I could picture in my minds eye, the underground city described. The underground Rome is not the only part of the story. The author wrote a very suspenseful thriller that not only takes place in Rome but we get a glimpse into the world of a secret organization and a pharmaceutical company and genetics. I am eager to read the rest of the books in the series.