Days of Sun and Glory, book two!

Days of Sun and Glory: The King's Greatest Enemy #2 - Anna Belfrage

Days of Sun and Glory is the continuing story of  Adam de Guirande and his wife Kit. Because of Adam's support of Roger Mortimer, he is on the edge of being considered a traitor and is the sworn enemy of Hugh Despenser.  King Edward is pretty much at the command of Despenser and because of this not a fan of his people. 

Edward II also called Edward of Caernarfon, was King of England from 1307 until he was deposed in January 1327 by Roger Mortimer.

Hugh le Despenser, 1st Lord Despenser also referred to as "the younger Despenser",He was a royal chamberlain and a favourite of Edward II of England.

Roger de Mortimer, 3rd Baron Mortimer, 1st Earl of March  was an English nobleman and powerful Marcher lord  married to the wealthy heiress Joan de Geneville. Roger Mortimer was imprisoned in the Tower after an unsuccessful revolt against the king but did escape to France and was joined by Queen Isabella.

Queen Isabella, anxious to escape from her husband, obtained his consent to her going to France to use her influence with her brother, King Charles IV, in favour of peace. At the French court the queen found Roger Mortimer, who became her lover soon afterwards. At his instigation, she refused to return to England so long as the Despensers retained power as the king's favourites. She kept her son Prince Edward of Windsor with her in France, even arranging a marriage for him.

Adam and Kit are constantly hounded and threatened by Dispenser and since Adam has pledged his loyalty to Price Edward, where the prince goes he goes. Adam and Kit suffer at the hands of the cruel Despenser, having their two children taken away by Despenser to ensure his loyalty to the king. Because of the life they have to lead, Kit has a child that died shortly after birth so their mutual hatred of Despenser grows. They face separation, threats against those they love and loyalties to the king. Will all the political intrigues and treachery tear them apart? Well with their love for each other on their side, I hope not.

Anna's writing is amazing, she has such an attention to detail and her research is impeccable. When an author can have me immersed in the story and when I don't want to put the book down, to me that is what a great storyteller is. I eagerly await the continued story of Adam and Kit in the next book Under the Approaching Dark.