She Certainly Does

She Bites - Caitlin Hawker, Roger Arsht

Robyn Sparks is a veterinarian who is passionate about animals and dogs in particular. She spends her days taking care of those dogs after they have been brought in after having been injured by abuse and dog fights, which she abhors. At night she is a hunter of the people who abuse these animals and gives them the justice that they would not get in the courts if caught.


Police Detective Jack Williams has seen horrors of his own and is recovering from wounds he received from a serial child killer. Not only does he have physical wounds but psychological wounds as well after witnessing the killer kill a child. The only companion he can handle being around is the dog, Lizzie. that belonged to the murdered child. Jack meets Robyn the first time when Lizzie becomes ill.


Both of these people are tortured souls who need to heal. Can they together or will they be torn apart by what Robyn does? This story reminds me of the Dexter series, in that Robyn does terrible things but for the right reasons! Even though you could say that what she does is a crime, sometimes stopping the evil that people do to animals, is ok.


The story takes on the real life topic of dog fighting and how terrible it really is. I really enjoyed the story and how the relationship between Jack and Robyn plays out. I would love to see this become a series!