A Vintage Mercedes

Along the Infinite Sea - Beatriz Williams
A vintage Mercedes, the new owner of the Mercedes and a pregnant woman in 60's, what do they have in common? Well a lot actually, Pepper Schuyler the pregnant woman, has refurbished a vintage Mercedes and has sold it to Annabelle Dommerich. Upon meeting Pepper, Annabelle takes her under her wing and moves her into her home. A place where Pepper can be away from Washington D.C and all the memories there. Pepper is not even in Annabelle's home for a day when Annabelle seemingly disappears. 
What follows is a very poignant story that travels back and forth between 1966 and the 1930's and through the war and Annabelle's life in particular. She meets the love of her life but that happiness is taken away and Annabelle marries a Nazi. The reader learns about how Annabelle escapes Europe and settles into America. The lives of Pepper and Annabelle tangle to tell a story that will tear at the heartstrings. Is there a happy ever after? Well you will have to read the book to get to the end and find out. I loved this story, written with compassion and a lot of research through the turbulent times when a fanatic is bound and determined to wipe out a whole race of people. 
I enjoyed this story and I know you will too. Not only a great historical fiction but a wonderful love story.