Lies, Lies

Wilde Lake: A Novel - Laura Lippman
Oh, the tales we weave when we practice to deceive.  And so goes Laura Lippman's latest release, Wilde Lake. Lie after lie built on a layer of lies, it's impossible to know who's telling the truth.  Or if there is one clear truth at all. 

In this beautifully written story of murder and betrayal, there is a current of love and loyalty that seems shocking.  Lippman builds characters so well that every detail of their personality directly contributes to the story.  It's a glorious balance of past and present and when good people do bad things. 

Wilde Lake takes quite a few trips into the past and then back into the present, that it can be difficult to keep the whole story straight at times.  But in the end, with some incredibly enticing twists, the truth comes out.  As much of the truth as there is to know, at least.  It's magnificently mysterious. 

There's also a wonderful little synopsis in the end where the reader learns what has become of the protagonist, and while it seems to wrap the story up quite nicely (despite the disturbing - yet fantastic - conclusion), more questions will float around the reader's mind, unanswered.  And that is Laura Lippman's real gift, showcased perfectly in this novel.  

Wilde Lake.  A fictitious place with an arduous past, but one worth visiting.
Guest post by Kate Kelly