Greek Mythology!

Aphrodite's Choice - Christy English
I remember reading all about the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and their individual stories. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and she has lived among mortals for 9000 years, her mission is to help people who are struggling in their lives. She sleeps with a different man each night, never spending the night and when the man wakes up the next morning, he has no recollection of the night before and is once again a happy man. Aphrodite now called Adele, is being followed by members of the Brotherhood, out to kill her. Not sure why she needs to always stay one step ahead.
After the attack on her household, she has to pick up roots and take off once again.  Steve Wharton is tasked with finding her and killing her by the Brotherhood. Steve is not a murderer and inherited this task from his father. Will he kill her as directed or will he fall in love with this goddess? We find out as the story takes the reader to many different locations, just staying ahead of the Brotherhood. Not everything stays the same though as the Brotherhood does catch up with Aphrodite and Steven and lives are at risk once again. 
This story is filled with references to the Greek mythology, I used to read a lot of mythology back in the day so it was interesting to see how the author reimagined the stories of the gods and goddesses to tell an engaging story of how love can conquer all. Sometimes a bit farfetched, but that is what mythology is isn't it? I love the writings of Christy English and eagerly await each of her books.