Once in a Blue Moon

Blue Moon: Mundy's Landing Book Two - Wendy Corsi Staub

I first started reading books by Wendy Corsi Staub over 20 years ago when she first published. Her stories are always suspenseful and characters believable. Blue Moon is about a series of murders, back in the late 1890's and left the bodies of his victims in three separate houses known as The Murder Houses and recreated in present day buy a deranged killer.

We have two serial killers, one who killed three times to cover up the first one and the second known a copycat , just because he was fascinated with the previous murders Sleeping Beauty Murders . 

Annabelle Bingham and her husband Trib, have a son who has severe anxiety, wanted a change and they purchased one of the murder homes. Annabelle became fascinated with the history of the house and the other two murder homes. Every year the community of Mundy's Landing has an event called Mundypalooza that draws tourists and other gawkers coming to Mundy's Landing to see if anyone can solve the old murders. So far no one has. 

At the same time Detective Sullivan Leary, Sully, is headed to Mundy's Landing to have a much-needed vacation. She chose Mundy's Landing because she really liked the area having been there previously, in the first book of the series, on a previous case with her partner Barnes. She is hoping to get some needed rest but soon finds herself curious about the Sleeping Beauty Murders.

The reader is brought into the mind of two killers and why each one is doing what they are doing. Both sets of murders are sadistic in nature and involve young women/girls. Filled with suspenseful moments, a mother's love for their child and believable characters and events that make this page turner another great story by a prolific author. Even though this is the second in a series, it can be read as a stand alone.