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Error Code - Howard R. Garis
I have read a lot of mystery/thriller books but never one quite like this one. Autumn is a housewife and ex-CIA, who is having problems with a dishwasher in a home that her and husband rent. Her husband is an ex-SEAL and frequently away from home. 
The home they rent is a very spacious type of home with a soundproofed room in the basement. Autumn is having problems with her Bosch dishwasher. She has her landlady call the  company and a repairman, repairman Pete comes out and gives it a look. He finally determines that he can't fix it because is has something to do with a computer board. He tells Fanny that he will have another repairman come and take a look.
 Another man, whom Autumn calls Vlad, shows up but it turns out he is not a repairman at all but a paid assassin. What he is after is soon determined and Autumn soon realizes that Vlad is out to do her harm and this is when the story takes off. I do not want to say any more on the plot because it would give away too much of the story.
Autumn is one tough cookie and has a sense of humor to boot. Kind of a weird sense of humor and it is definitely carried out through the book. This is by no means a fluffy kind of story, even though it does have a good ending, well for some of the characters. It is how Autumn handles herself and the situation that is very readable, I found myself kind of being in horror and laughing at the same time. 
I enjoyed this book, a short read at 162 pages with an excerpt from another of the author's books, Black Machettes. If you are looking for a good mystery/psychological thriller/humor, then go get this book.
p.s. I will say that I will not be getting a Bosch dishwasher anytime soon.