The Reporter's Story

The Judge's Story - Joyce T. Strand
Emma Matheson is a reporter for the San Francisco Gazette in 1912, when it is rare that a woman is a reporter in the first place. Emma's role in the newspaper to write pieces that pertain to women's interests. She loves what she does but would love to do more than write fluff stories. She wants to be a reporter who not only writes articles but also investigates them.

Emma usually goes to the police station to find cases to write about. One in particular is a burglary of a house where $8,000 worth of jewelry and other items has been stolen. Emma interviews the mistress of the house who is the sister of Alfred Whitecraft and her maid Marjorie regarding the robbery. The maid eventually is to blame for the robbery and when Emma interviews Marjorie's mother and Marjorie again, she realizes something is not right and there is more to investigate.Trying to figure out why Alfred says that there was no robbery is what spurs Emma on.

Emma is told not to investigate further for her own safety but Emma is very tenacious and persistent so she goes against the police orders and continues to investigate. What she finds is corruption, drugs and people who she thought she could trust but can't. Trying to get past the women belong in the home way of thinking she must prove what she thinks happened and try to stay alive at the same time.
Joyce Strand's books are always a pleasure to read and this is another to add to the TBR pile is you like a good mystery and strong female characters, this one is for you!