Daddy Dearest - Paul Southern

At first, I had a difficult time getting into the story. It is written in a much different style than I am used to. Very wordy and a lot of his history with his ex-wife and other people in his life. 


This unnamed man is an estranged father of a little girl who he finds is going to go out of the country with her mother. He panics, thinking that he will not be able to see her and comes up with a plan. The plan is, his daughter goes missing, at least that is what the reader is led to believe. A police investigation ensues and the lies begin. 


Like I said, I had a tough time at first but I am glad I persevered, the further along I got into the story the more immersed I was. I just had to see how far the father would take his story. At times heartbreaking, at times pretty scary, it is amazing how lies have a way of growing, causing a domino effect. This is definitely a psychological thriller to read. Lots of plot twists! I enjoyed reading this book more than I thought I would.