The Thing Is

The Thing Is - Kathleen Gerard

Sometimes life throws things at us that we are not sure we know how to handle or if we are suited to do so.  And such is life for Meredith, who, one day, suddenly finds herself responsible for a four-legged furball for the foreseeable future.

The thing is…she’s not a dog person. 


In her latest novel, The Thing Is, Kathleen Gerard spins a delightful tale of humor and suspense, with a little bit of dog hair and drama.  Meredith, a reclusive best-selling author, is chosen to care for Prozac – his person, Helen Hendrix, is convalescing in a home, recovering from a foot injury.


Meredith has absolutely no desire to take care of a dog, after all – she’s not a dog person.  She doesn’t have the experience, the time, the ambition, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  She attempts every excuse she can muster until all attempts fail and she finds herself stuck with a five-pound terrier who has seemingly taken over her life.


After losing her fiancé one tragic evening a few years prior, she is resistant to even welcoming the pooch into her home, let alone her heart.  Meredith quickly discovers that she is to not only feed, bathe, walk and care for a dog, she is to also adhere to his strict schedule as a therapy dog – Prozac spends a large portion of his life visiting and soothing the residents at Evergreen Gardens, a church turned assisted living facility. 


Quickly finding herself amidst a whirlwind of octogenarian drama, suspense, and a lot of really good humor, she discovers that Prozac has a very rigorous schedule he must adhere to, for these residents take it very seriously.  Weeks pass, hilarity ensues and then tragedy strikes – Prozac escapes.


This heartfelt novel is a definite page turner for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of loving a dog.  There is something to be said for the unconditional love animals share with their human – even if it is unrequited. Prozac and Meredith find each other in depressing point in both their lives – Meredith, who has lost her person, her soulmate, her love.  And Prozac, who has found himself alongside a self-proclaimed dog hater and is missing his person, his caretaker.

While it is often difficult to pick up a novel about animals – seeing as how most end in tragedy and leave the reader sobbing over the loss of a fictitious pet – this novel is a must read.  Gerard has painted such a lovely story – the reader is tempted to laugh and cry all at once.  Besides, Prozac tells part of the story, so we finally get to hear it from the dog’s point of view. 


Guest Review by Kate Kelly