All I Can Say is Wow!

I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh

I love reading a book by an author who knows what they are writing as they tell a story because they have worked in some capacity in law enforcement. It just seems to make the story believable. Clare Mackintosh certainly writes in this category and with I Let You Go is just one of those stories.


The story started out so happy, with a mom and her child walking home chattering about their days. All of a sudden the child runs out into the street and the worst thing happens. A child is hit by a car and the driver takes off. The mother is questioned and she is kind of ostracized by the community, how could a mother let this happen? Why did she not keep a closer watch on her child?


Jenna Gray's world is turned upside down and she takes herself off to a small Welsh community where she hopes to take up her artwork again and just try to forget and start over. Can you ever escape your past? Jenna hopes that she can and it seems that what she looks for is possible. But in a heartbeat it all comes crashing back to turn her world upside down. 


Right about in the middle of the story comes a twist that I did not see coming at all. A complete turnaround to what I thought the story was about. If an author can give a story a twist to make it a psychological thriller, Clare Mackintosh definitely did that. I do not want to give away parts of the story, suffice it to say that it was a page turner for sure. 


I love a good thriller and this one certainly is right up there. If you read and liked The Girl on the Train, then this will be to your liking also. I give this one five stars!