Who can you trust?

No One Knows - J.T. Ellison

When I first started reading No One Knows I really felt bad for Aubrey Hamilton. Her husband is missing presumed dead and she was accused of murdering him. She seemed so meek and timid and a really likeable woman. Years later her husband is declared dead and I felt, great, now she can get on with her life, maybe the grieving will end and she can find happiness. 

Well as in other novels by J.T.Ellison you have to expect some twists and turns to the story. She delivers in No One Knows. Not all is as it appears as we soon find out. Some likeable characters, some not so likeable and a believable plot with lots of questions. What really happened to Josh Hamilton? This novel will grab you right from the beginning and keep you until the you never see it coming ending. A psychological mystery/thriller at it's best.