Costume Shop Mystery!

A Disguise to Die For  - Diane Vallere
I don't read a lot of cozy mysteries, they have to really catch my eye for the cover and the plot. A Disguise to Die For is one that I picked up gladly. A story that takes place in a small town outside of Las Vegas. The main character, Margo Tamblyn comes back to her hometown to help with the family costume shop, Disguise DeLimit. Her father Jerry has had a heart attack and is out of commission for awhile and it is up to Margo to handle the shop.
Not too long after she arrives to help out when a young man, Blitz Manners, comes into the shop demanding that she provided him with costumes for a party. This party is detective themed, he tosses an envelope with $20,000 at her. Even though she tells him that it is impossible to do this at such a short notice. The venue that he had originally booked had some issues and could not do it. With the help of a lifelong family friend, Ebony, they set about compiling a list of characters costumes that they can whip together quickly. 
The party kicks off with everyone in their detective costumes such as Sherlock Holmes, Rockford, Columbo and Miss Marple among others. Margo goes into the kitchen of the venue, to find her friend Ebony clutching a knife over the dead body of Blitz Manners. Things don't look too good for Ebony and Margo sets about playing detective becoming more and more embroiled into the mystery. In trying to keep the shop going, playing detective and handling a possible love interest, plus worrying about her father, she finds that this murder is very involved in that there are a lot of possible suspects.
I loved the character of Margo, a quirky costume wearing woman, whose devotion to her father is endless. She also truly believes that Ebony did not commit this murder, but the clues keep stacking up against her. I read this book in a few sittings and I honestly could not figure out who the murderer was until almost the end. I look forward to reading more of this quirky series!