Another Great Book by Joshua Graham!

LATENT IMAGE: A Xandra Carrick Novel - Joshua Graham
This is probably the third or fourth book I have read by Joshua Graham. When you pick up one of his novels, you are sure to be in for a thrilling ride. Latent Image is about terrorism, a former operative out for revenge against the US and the president in particular. 
President Jennifer Bradley has recently lost her husband to cancer and has a young child to raise. She is upset as well as her son, that she is not able to spend a lot of time with him. When a virus is let loose onto the unsuspecting populace and a video is sent to her issuing demands, she realize she is in for a long siege. It is a race against time, trying to find the terrorist. The terrorist is working alone in his quest for revenge, not caring who may get in the way. 
Xandra Carrick is a photographer who is sent to the White House to be the official photographer, after the previous one was killed. She has two roles, that of a photographer and the other as a clandestine operative assistant. She was chosed for the later because of her second sight abilities. Hopefully she is able to ferret out the terrorist before people become infected with this virus.
Because the terrorist's demands were not met in a timely fashion, the president is infected, the terrorist was able to get on White House grounds with the use of drones. Now it definitely is a race against the clock, the virus attacks quickly with the symptoms being akin to having rabies. Infection is swift and there is no antidote. President Bradley is determined to find this terrorist and stop him before it is too late.
All I can say is wow, what a story, with terrorism being so prevalent across the world, this plot is definitely believable. I loved the characters, especially Xandra and the president's son. This book is a page-turner for sure, and when I am brought to tears during a book, it is a goodie. I give this book 5 stars for sure!