The Seven Sisters

The Storm Sister - Lucinda Riley
I am so excited about this series, I get to be in each of the sister's lives for a short time. The first book in the series The Seven Sister's, we learn the death of Pa Salt, the adoptive father of the six sisters. There is Maia D'Apliese, the eldest of the sisters. There there is Ally D'Apliese, the nest sister to be cover in The Storm Sister.
After the death of Pa Salt, at the reading of the will, each woman is given a letter with clues as to their heritage They know nothing of who or where their families are. Maia identity took her to Rio de Janeiro where she found closure and love.
Ally also gets her letter but really has no desire to find out who she is. She is grieving the death of her father and wants to train for the Olympics. She is a highly skilled sailor and that is her life. We meet the man of her dreams and is happy until tragedy strikes her again. To find a focus she finally decides to get on with her life and find out who she is and where she comes from. Her quest takes her to Norway. One of the clues her adoptive father gave her was a book, telling her that is where she will find the answers she is looking for. 
The book is very old and is about a young woman named Anna Landvik. Anna lives in the country, wanting nothing more than to spend time with her favorite cow Rose and someday to marry and have a family of her own. A man comes into her life, he has heard that Anna has the voice of an angel and wants her to go to Leipzig Germany. There she becomes familiar with the music of Edvard Grieg and performs in a stage production of Peer Gynt, based on the work of Henrik Ibsen. She becomes very well known for her singing across Europe. She had met a fellow musician, fell in love, got married and then he decided to further his career as a composer, he left for Paris. Anna is devastated by his loss but she does continue on.
Back to Ally meets a few people on the way in her quest for her heritage, people who ultimately help her along the way. What is her connection to Anna Landvik and Jens Halverson, Anna's husband? To Edvard Grieg? That you will have to read for yourself. As an aside the name D'Apliese is an acromyn on the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, the star cluster that is the stuff of legends.
I love this series so far, so much history and research, it even touches on events of WWII and how it impacted the Halverson family. I look forward to reading the next installment about the next sister Star D'Apliese and what her future holds.