Joan of Arc

The Sword of the Maiden (The Watchmen Saga Book 2) - Kalie Chamberlain, Kathleen Ouimet Perrin, Stephanie Perrin
The Sword of the Maiden takes place where The Keys of the Watchmen left off, where Katelyn Michaels visited Mont Saint Michel with her brother. They were there to visit their father and his new bride. A strange encounter at the abbey whisks them back to the medieval time, where she finds out she is a Watchman.
In The Sword of the Maiden, Katelyn is recovering from her injuries and getting on with her life. She misses her husband Nicholas le Bretonand knows that she will soon have to undertake a new mission. In a dream, a man from the past tells her it is her duty to find the sword and give it to the "maiden" so that Mont Saint Michel is saved. She needs to go back in time again so off to France she goes to be reunited with Nicholas  and to learn more about her mission. 
The Hundred Years war was a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 by the House of Plantagenet, rulers of England and against the House of Valois, rulers of France. Jehanne (Joan of Arc) is known as the Maid of Orleans, who was raised in the village of Donremy in what was then in the northeastern part of France. The sword that Katelyn is to find is also the sword that she needs to take to Jehanne. Jehanne gets "visions" of Saint Margaret, Saint Catherine and Archangel Michael telling her to support Charles VII and recover France from English domination. We all know of the fate of Joan of Arc so I won't say anymore. Katelyn and Nicolas's mission is fraught with danger from one of their enemies, Abdon, a supernatural being bent on stopping Katelyn and Nicolas from completing their mission. 
This book is very well researched, the reader gets a glimpse into medieval France during a turbulent time in history. I learned quite a bit more about The Hundred Years War and it was actually a fascinating time in history. This book, even with all of the history in it, was easy to read. I love time travel stories and this one was very good, poignant but triumphant as well. Can history be changed? Probably not but it is worth thinking about. I enjoyed it very much and I look forward to reading The Watchmen Saga, the third and last in the series.