Eighty and Out

Eighty and Out - Kim Cano

Eighty and Out is about a pact that sisters Louise and Jeannie agree to after visiting a beloved aunt that is living out her years in a nursing home and that is that they will not live past the age of eighty. Louise is the narrator of the story and we grow right along with these two sisters through childhood, high school years, forbidden love, college years for Louise, marriages and the birth of a child.

Not only do we learn about the sister's and their lives we get a peek into the relationships with the men they choose, deaths of loved ones and how Louise copes with it all. With strict but loving parents the two women grow up to have their own dramas to face. A story about love, loss, grief and ambitions. There were a lot of similarities to my own life as I grew up in the late 50's and the 60's, what a woman's role was, discrimination and racial tension so it brought a bit of nostalgia back for me. A bond between sisters is something that is hard to break and when it does it is heartbreaking and can leave a person grief stricken to the point that the person can't go on, but most of us do go on.

I really enjoyed this novel, loved the time period it was written in from the 50's all the way through 2000's. Fast paced, well written except for a few grammatical errors that in no way took me from being interested until the end of the book, and in spots had me in tears.