Murder in an Irish Village - Carlene O'Connor
The O'Sullivan siblings are left orphans after their parents were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. The running of Natalie's Bistro, named after Siobhán's mother, is left up to Siobhán and her siblings. It is hard work but they manage to keep the Bistro open. Siobhán and her siblings are affectionately refered to as "the six". The O'Sullivans are a tight knit family and do what they can to help each other out. Siobhán had had plans to attend Trinity College in Dublin but now she is unable to do that. One morning upon opening the Bistro, they find a man sitting in one of the booths dead. He is Niall Murphy who's brother was responsible for the deaths of Siobhan's parents.
The day before his death, Siobhan came across him in her friends shop, he demanded money from her so he could hire a lawyer to find out who really was responsible because he firmly believed that it was not his brother who did it. Enter the Garda, who by the way is a hunk, and Siobhan's brother James is arrested for the murder as he has no alibi. She decides to investigate on her own as to who the killer was and get her brother out of jail as she believes in his innocence. During this investigation, she tends to put herself in harms way to the consternation of the policeman Macdara.
There is a definite attraction between Siobhan and Macdara but that is put on the back burner during the investigation. This is a sweet cozy mystery featuring a charming, or not so charming, bunch of characters with Ireland as the backdrop for a novel that will sweep you into this quaint little village. I loved that because it took place in a small Irish community, there was all of the idiosyncracies and charm that is Ireland. I loved it! Well written and fun to read. If you love cozy mysteries, then you will love this one too!