Guinevere of Camelot

Daughter of Destiny: Book 1 of Guinevere's Tale (Volume 1) - Nicole Evelina

There are a lot of different depictions of Guinevere and the story of King Arthur, Lancelot, and Camelot. One in particular that I liked was the Mists of Avalon, the movie. Such a mystical and mythical time it was. Or was it? We really do not know for sure but Nicole Evelina gives us her take and another perspective on the classic tale. Daughter of Destiny takes place before Guinevere is Queen to Arthur's King.

This story starts in the Spring of 491 with Guinevere arriving on the island of Avalon to begin her training as a priestess. She came from wealth where her family had slaves and servants to do their bidding. In Avalon, on the other hand, she has to learn to do for herself, washing her clothes, chores etc.  She is proficient in wielding a sword, though, being trained by her mother. Guinevere also has the 'sight' and this is another reason she has been brought to Avalon, to learn to control her powers.

Life goes on and things are pretty normal and she meets and falls in love with a man but things are not meant to be as tragedy strikes at home and she is bidden to return home to Northgallis where she survives by her wits and her mother's ways, she is a Pagan Celt and even though there is an increased surge of Christianity she intends to follow the old ways. 

Her first love, Aggrivane,  arrives in Northgallis and because of this relationship, she is sent to Pellinor where she is virtually treated like a slave but befriends the daughter of the household, Elaine, and Morgan another trainee from Avalon. In spite of being under lock and key if you will, she still manages to spend time with Aggrivane, even though it is against her father's wishes. The novel ends with Guinevere becoming engaged to King Arthur.

Daughter of Destiny is the first in a trilogy, very well researched and thought out, if you want to learn more about Camelot and it's inhabitants, pick up this book. I eagerly await the second in the series where we learn more about King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the threat of the Saxon's, Irish and Pict's and their invasion of Britain. Whether you believe or not, this is a story not to be missed for the historical fiction fan.