Sage's Eyes - V.C. Andrews

I first read VC Andrews works, Flowers in the Attic way back when it came out in 1979, yes I know I am dating myself here. I remember being fascinated with the Doppelganger story and quickly devoured subsequent novels. Because there was no internet back then, I didn't find out that VC Andrews passed away in 1986, before the 5th book in the series was published. It was not until recently that I found out that Andrew Neiderman has been the ghostwriter for the series, although VC Andrews name is still attached to the novels. So in light of all that, when offered a chance to review Sage's Eyes, a new standalone, I was eager to read it.


Sixteen-year-old Sage is a young girl on the edge of womanhood who was adopted as a baby. Her parents, in my opinion, are a bit odd, keep Sage pretty much away from the public, except for school. Sage has the ability to 'see things' in her dreams. Things that are a bit disturbing to her and others especially her mother. I did not like her mother one bit, a very cold unfeeling woman. Her father is slightly better as he sticks up for Sage once in awhile. Not only do they keep her from going out with friends or having any social life, they keep secrets from her. Secrets about who her parents were, who they are, drawers are locked and they are evasive when Sage asks questions.


Because of Sage's abilities to see things, this has caused problems at the school she was at, because people are creeped out by what she knows because there is no way that she should know what she does. She makes friends at her new school is even reluctantly allowed to go to a party. She often makes the mistake of giving relationship and other advice, which can cause problems for her as she is not supposed to know things. Her friends look at her a bit differently but accept her anyway. One day a new boy arrives on the scene, she is instantly attracted to him and they have a relationship. Sinister things start to happen with the boy which causes her to question herself more and become more curious as to who she is and what her heritage is. 


This book is a fast read, at least, it was for me and I am not usually into YA books but I found this one to be interesting. I don't think you have to particularly read YA to find this book a worthwhile read.