Costco does sell caskets!

Caskets from Costco - Kelly G. Wilson
I have to say that when offered this book for review, I was intrigued, not only by the title or the picture on the front, but how the author approached werious subjects such as abuse, grief and loss with humor. The author's experiences range from being sexually abused by her father and her mother doing nothing, which led to the author having PTSD, to the loss of her father in law, who was the father that her's was not and two difficult pregnancies, almost dying from pregnancies.
We learn through counselor visits, starting in the present and going back to the beginning. As I continued reading this story based on the author's experiences, I had to admire her for telling the story with not only a wicked sense of humor but that she could share her experiences and be able to write this book about them. I found this book to be a page turner and I was hoping that all along that things would start to look up for her. They did as she seems to have an awesome husband and two little boys that she loves. Not everyone can talk, let alone write for the world to see, their bad experiences in life. I find it very commendable that not only is she a writer, but also a motivational speaker. I really liked this book, plus I learned that Costco does indeed sell caskets!