Pinnacle Lust

Pinnacle Lust - Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

This story starts out with a young woman, Leigh Stone, who upon her 18th birthday receives a package and letter from her mother. Inside the package is a box containing her mother's journal and the letter explaining the gift.


"Dear Leigh,

Best Wishes on your eighteenth birthday. It is time for me to unveil the lie I live, and for you to face the truth. I wrapped up long pages from my life for you.

Love, Mom"..Chapter one of Pinnacle Lust


This story is not about Leigh but about her mother, Sharon Lapidot, who worked as a nurse in the labor and delivery department at a hospital, in the Hassidic are in a Jewish community in Israel in the 1990's. 

While at work one day she meets a doctor, Dr.Sloan, and there is an immediate attraction between the two. Even though Sharon currently has a boyfriend who she is very disillusioned with and does not love, so she is ripe for an infatuation. The only problem is is that Dr.Sloan is a married man. 


Through the journals the reader becomes more familiar with Sharon as she describes life as a girl born Jewish but who really doesn't follow the Jewish laws. We learn the customs of a woman that is not married and how they are expected to marry and never be alone anywhere with a man not her husband. So just the fact that Sharon is carrying on an affair with a married man, she is breaking many of the rules. She does not care though as her love or lust for Dr.Sloan overwhelms her and her daily life. They meet in secret at first but then their affair becomes known and found out by the wife, also named Sharon. That is when things begin to unravel for Sharon. 


I am not sure how I feel about Sharon, she appeared to be very needy and dependent on Dr.Sloan and her friends, not able to really make her own decisions. Should she have continued on with the affair even when she knew that the man she loved and lusted over would never leave his wife and family? I could say of course she should have, but when the heart is involved, who can say what is right or wrong. Now Dr.Sloan, I didn't care for, mainly because he had the best of both worlds. A wife and family and a mistress, the affair went on for over three years but ultimately Sharon Lapidot, paid the price while he continued on with his life. 


This story is an emotional, lusty tale of a woman duped by a man. I had been offered this book for review a few years ago and could not get into it and when I was offered again, I figured I would give it another go. I am glad I did, even though the story was about a very typical woman in love with a married man story, the way that the author wrote it had me continuing on. I really have to say that I enjoyed it.