A Year of Ravens, a novel of Boudica

A Year of Ravens: a novel of Boudica's Rebellion - E.E. Knight
There are a few woman in history that fascinate me and among them is Boudica, queen of the Iceni tribe of Britain, a statuesque and intelligent woman. She is mostly known for her uprising against the Roman Empire around 60 AD. The Roman Empire were a domineering and cruel people. They had to conquer and rule everyone and kill whoever resisted their attempts. After the death of Boudica's husband, King Prasutagus, Boudica was flogged mercilessly and her daughters raped by the Roman soldiers, not only that, whatever loans the Iceni had with the Romans was called in. 
"A calculating queen foresees the fires of rebellion in a king's death. 

A neglected slave girl seizes her own courage as Boudica calls for war.

An idealistic tribune finds manhood in a brutal baptism of blood and slaughter.

A death-haunted Druid challenges the gods themselves to ensure victory for his people.

A conflicted young warrior finds himself torn between loyalties to tribe and to Rome.

An old champion struggles for everlasting glory in the final battle against the legions.

A pair of fiery princesses fight to salvage the pieces of their mother’s dream as the ravens circle."

Each of the seven parts of the novel told by seven different authors who write historical fiction are involved in the writing of this collaboration, they each tell a story that combines their own spin on the characters portrayed in A Year of Ravens.  It is interesting to note that the only information of Boudica and her life and rule of the Iceni tribe is mostly documented by the Romans. If you are interested in this period of Brittania's history and the Roman Empire, give this book a read. I give it five stars for the writing alone, I find it amazing that seven different authors can come together and write about a time in history and it weaves together seamlessly.