Go Clean, Sexy You

Go Clean, Sexy You: A Seasonal Guide to Detoxing and Staying Healthy - Lisa Consiglio Ryan

There are many schools of thought on a detoxification diet, some for and some totally against. I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing or if I could even stick to it. Changing eating habits, good and bad, takes a lot of courage and determination. 

I did learn a lot reading through this cookbook, some great facts, and interesting recipes. I love most fruits and vegetables, when you are a kid you are always being told to eat your fruits and veggies, they are good for you. Well, that is not always true, fruits have sugar and with some people that have diabetes have to be careful. I am diabetic and it is an everyday struggle. I think that if a person is willing to go the distance with this detoxing, then this is definitely a book to look at.

At the beginning, you will find an introduction with the author's own story. The first chapter tells you the how's and why's you should detox. What foods you should avoid when detoxing,  foods that you need to have in your kitchen along with the proper utensils. Chapter 3 gives you daily instructions and how to be successful at the detoxing process.

Now these were the chapters that I liked, chapters 4-7 give you the detox plan based on seasonal foods. Along with these tips are detailed recipes, shopping lists to have and even what to do on what days of the plan. 

Like I said earlier, I am diabetic and just not sure if this is for me. Some of the recipes for me are worth looking at. This cookbook gives me a lot of information and tools with which to make a decision. I would say definitely give this cookbook a chance. Of course before going into this type of detox program, please talk to your health care worker. I give this book 5 stars. I was very impressed with the process of detoxing your body.